Association History (1978-2022)

In 1972, an impromptu telephone call between two high-rise fire safety directors began the unofficial birth of the Fire Safety Director's Association. Robert Elko, from Morgan Guaranty, and Dennis Rice, from Irving Trust, met along with George Semus to exchange some common fire safety problems and how to deal with the new fire protection systems for their buildings. Some of the discussions were about the new fire protection technologies that were being introduced into the marketplace: Halon chemical systems; hydraulic calculated sprinkler systems; quick release type sprinkler heads; ABC type fire extinguishers; improved smoke detection systems and stairwell pressurization. Before long, Bill Sarnelli joined this informal gathering. Ray McDermott and Bill Whalen soon appeared on the scene. Later, Mr. Whalen would become a key advisor for this "informal gathering" of fire safety directors.

An updated history of the Fire & Life Safety Director's Association of Greater New York has been completed, courtesy of Jack Murphy, and is attached below.

FSDA History 2024

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In Memoriam

The Fire Safety Directors who perished on September 11, 2001


Lawrence Boisseau

James Corrigan
FDNY Captain (Ret.) Engine 10

Richard Fitzsimons

Philip Hayes
FDNY Firefighter (Ret.) Engine 217

Robert Mayo

William Wren
FDNY Firefighter (Ret.) Ladder 166


Their unwavering duty and valiant efforts along with the members of the Fire Department and the two Police Departments helped save many lives that day.