FDNY CO Detector Presentation-update

At the meeting on 12/1/2020, the FDNY gave the attached presentation regarding CO Detection requirement and FD response expectations. Additional information below regarding Local Law 191

Local Law 191

1_RCNY_908-01_CO Detection

Carbon Monoxide_FLSD Presentation

Fire Protection for Rated Assemblies 5/4/21

At our monthly meeting on 5/4/21, Global Fire Protection Group presented the information below regarding how to properly protect openings in rated floors and walls.

Global FPG_PreRAFP_202105

Emergency Response Guidelines

To assist Fire/Life Safety Directors, the Association has developed for the membership initial high-rise office occupancy incident actions for a fire or an all-hazard (non-fire) emergency.

The following documents are posted as a guideline for a FCC Manual 2-Way Voice Communication System:

FLSD Intitial Decision Matrix EAP Fire 2021

EAP Intitial Decision Matrix FIRE Initial Actions FLSDA

Situation Status Report Non-Fire FLSDA 2020

Situation Status Report Fire FLSDA 2020



FDNY Covid-19 Sanitizer Storage 9-29-20

Sept 29,2020

The FDNY has provided additional information related to operating during Covid-19 pause. See attached presentation given by DAC Kevin Brennan and FSDA President John McGurren regarding sanitizer storage and how to cure a violation.


Please see details attached: CompanyCertificate



Covid-19 Changes at Fire Prevention

The FDNY has established new procedures for essential construction and submittal of plans. Please review the documents below.

CoVid-19 DOB BB_2020-004

CoVid-19 DOB Essential_vs_Non-Essential


For Release- Plan intake temporary COVID procedures eff 3-31-20

Fire Guards for Impairment- Clarification

Recently, a representative from the Bureau of Fire Prevention spoke at our monthly meeting and explained when a Fire Guard (with F01 Cof F) is required and when one is not.

Please see attached pdf for details:

Fireguard Requirements v2

FDNY Allows Drill Postponement

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is allowing building owners to postpone fire and non-fire drills until after the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

Please see attached letter from the Bureau of Fire Prevention:



New Rules for Commercial Cooking Equipment

In accordance with Section 1043 of the New York City Charter, Notice of Adoption of new Fire Department Rule 3RCNY Section 115-02 and Amendments to Fire Department Rule 3RCNY Section 115-01. The adopted new rule  can be viewed on the FSDA website website in the “Links” section available only to members.

FDNY Industry Notice 1/18

The FDNY Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group has issued an Industry Notice regarding “New Conditional Acceptance for TCO Purposes and/or On-Site Scheduling. See attached

FS EAP Industry Notice Cond Accept for On-Site 01_18

FDNY has issued an Industry Notice regarding renewal of Certificates of Fitness F-85 and Q-85.  See attached

FS_EAP Industry Notice 2 17

FDNY Information and Tips for Businesses

The FDNY has provided informational guides for business on a number of topics.  Members may access these on the “Links” page.